BaToRo Ecovillage Tenerife

BaToRo Ecovillage Tenerife means „Back To Roots“.
And is about the creation and development of eco-villages, solidarity communities and sustainable movements.

Producto Certificado

BaToRo Ecovillage Tenerife is certified Organic and a Farm in Spain

What does it mean?

BaToRo means „Back To Roots. It´s about the creation of eco-villages and communities to come together for sustainable movements. And, so, but, with.
The worldwide companionship of these projects is going forward to the healing.
They are for a better life of the human species and planet.

What makes it so unique?

  • BaToRo Ecovillage Tenerife is not just another community.
    It is acting as a template in sustainability and eco-living.
  • The Batoro Ecovillage Tenerife offers a blueprint for the creation and maintenance of autonomous ethical communities throughout the world. And so on … .
  • The land does not belong to any one individual or community.
    But, it is held in trust by the Batoro Foundation.
    So this is ensuring true earth stewardship.

The Garden of paradise

BaToRo Ecovillage Tenerife is open to all regardless of age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or financial status.
And ... the one criteria required to access the support and guidance of the Batoro Foundation is the commitment to living in harmony with each other and the Earth.

Also YOU can be part of BaToRo Ecovillage Tenerife

Let us now emphasize on the main benefits that customers will get by your company.


Organic Shop

Nothing else is better than healthy food, but why? So, it tastes well and is full of nutritions. Also it helps me defend against illnesses more than common food. In the perm culture garden and the greenhouses of BaToRo Ecovillage Tenerife we can harvest it. A harvest for the whole year, because we thank to our climate. Be also on the healthy side of life. The food arrives quickly it´s target.

Become a volunteer

The volunteers are the one wo let BaToRo Ecovillage Tenerife grow - beside the plants. They need to be in good physical condition to fullfill BaToRo´s Goal.
But, when, as, so, and. Do you feel, that you can manange it? Do you have at best some experience in farming? Or do you have other skills, which are needed, described in our news blog?


The BaToro Ecovillage is situated on the beautiful Canary Island Tenerife. On Tenerife is so much to see that it needs a strict vacation plan - or lots of time. It would be annoying not to be up to date in BaToRo Ecovillage Tenerife related things during flying in. Here you get the news about everything, for example, when an new harvest comes out, or volunteers are urgently needed.

What's Our Clients Say About BaToRo Ecovillage Tenerife

Former volunteers and customers report about theit experience ...

BaToRo Ecovillage Tenerife was an outstanding and beautiful experience for me. So, i was able to choose the working time to my own. And, the people are super friendly and I met definetly new friends.
Iovanna Cvjeticanin
Multimedia Designer
My father is from Marocco, my mother from Namibia and I was the first one who joined BaToRo besides Charlie as the beginning of an widespreading, international connection in African Philosophy.
Aadil Haas
BaToRo picked me up spontanesously for volunteering after I had surpassed my flight from Tenerife. You know, it´s an island and it doesn´t matter, when you stuck, because to be in BaToRo was absolutely worth of it.
Nicola Berger
If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach are what I love about them.
Carmen Maya

Questions & Answers

To make a long story short: Here you get an answer to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ)

BaToRo is an signed society (NGO) in Spain and it´s selling it´s own products. So it´s place to work with and to stay as long as you want.

You will learn a lot about organic farming. Living an healty life is one of the basic needs of an human.

You know, we hire everyone, who want to live in harmony, as long there´s space enough (max. 20 People). That can be full, but everyone get´s a good training. And are learning thing for the life. So, this you will taste in our goods.